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Superfloor HTC Professional Floor Systems en México

If you are looking for a way to have one of the most durable and resistant floors, with a natural finish, completely aesthetic and of high quality, with a simple maintenance over the years and most importantly, without ever having to install concrete again, you've come to the right place.


You are probably on top of it already, but it hasn't been worked on to give it that look, quality, and strength.

This floor is worked through a methodology called HTC Professional Floor Systems created more than 20 years ago in Sweden, and has been perfected over the years making it more efficient and on a more structured process, worked by specialists with special tools that will give it that specific finish.

This is achieved under two innovations from HTC:

  1. The HTC floor polishing and buffing system
  2. HTC’s resin and diamond tools.

When a concrete floor is worked in the traditional way, the element with the greatest hardness is left, which is the addition of stone under the surface, and in the upper layer what is left is mostly only cement.

Through the HTC Superfloor polishing process the existing floor will be mechanically and gradually improved. The more the floor is polished, the more the internal layers will be exposed, making it stronger and shinier.

Floor polishing process with HTC Superfloor Platinum.

  1. Surface removal and/or preparation.
  2. Concrete roughing.
  3. Densifier application.
  4. Polishing concrete.
  5. Installation of protective finish and concrete polishing.
  6. Final finish with HTC Superfloor Platinum.


  • Low cost, as it optimizes costs around 40% compared to traditional concrete floor solutions, epoxy coatings or similar.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Very elegant visual appearance as if it was new and just installed.
  • Extends the useful life of the floor.
  • It works just as well on new floors as it is for renovating existing floors.
  • Cleaning, since the polishing process is completely dry, without water or sludge.
  • Extreme uniformity and hardness that makes it have low vibrations.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Higher mechanical, impact and abrasion resistance is obtained.
  • Environmentally friendly as it uses less energy during the roughing, polishing and buffing process.
  • Knowing that it is an original process and perfected over the years, will give you more security.

An almost unlimited lifespan.

Withstands rough use, Concrete has between 80% and 85% stone and sand, which means that when finished with HTC Superfloor it will have a resistance comparable to natural rock.

Simple maintenance.

You just have to clean it based on the recommendations of HTC. It does not require any other type of maintenance.

Visual improvement of the environment

A naturally beautiful surface helps create an excellent impression in different environments. For example, in stores, schools, museums, shopping centers, airport terminals, gyms, open and closed areas with high traffic, among others.

Quality and resistance to rough use.

Its durability and uniformity are especially appreciated in factories and warehouses. There can be high industrial traffic on the floor, the vibrations for the equipment and people circulating on it are minimal. HTC Superfloor has 117% higher strength compared to any conventional concrete floor installation.

Super Economic.

For short and long term it is a completely profitable solution.

Time versatility.

For new construction, polishing can begin 30 days after the concrete has been installed. So it is a smart alternative when building by optimizing schedules

The HTC Superfloor has 117% bigger resistance compared with any conventional concrete floor installation.



The HTC Superfloor has been tested according to the following tests: EN 1815: 1997, SS-EN 61340-5-1, IEC 61340-4-1; and meets the American ANSI/ESD standard, which also makes it an excellent floor even in sensitive environments. It also meets the highest EU fire safety classification requirements according to A1FL (96/603/EC), therefore it is considered fully fire retardant.

A smooth concrete floor is a prerequisite for the installation of high-rise storage systems.

Slip Resistant.

The surface of the HTC Superfloor becomes slip resistant and meets the highest standards for handling electrical equipment. It prevents slipping even when wet. So it means a safer and more comfortable work environment.

No vibrations.

As the floor surface is extremely smooth, this implies minimal vibrations in industrial use, for example, when moving goods with forklifts or industrial automated machines.

Protects against wear.

It reduces the wear of forklifts, automated machines among other professional and industrial equipment, since they are less exposed to vibrations and that translates into optimizing equipment maintenance costs.

Super Sustainable.

From both an economic and environmental point of view, the HTC Superfloor can be one of the most sustainable components, as it consists of natural elements such as stone, sand, water and chemical-free cement.

 (en comparación con otros pisos de alto tráfico).


The HTC Superfloor creates a clean, safe and protected work environment for different activities, since it does not generate dust, due to its extremely smooth and uniform surface.

Ready to work

In most cases the concrete floor is already built. No additional demolitions or activities for both new construction and existing floors, no transportation. Thanks to the polishers and dust extractors of the HTC tools with high performance suction, your activities will not be affected.



The HTC Superfloor is available in 4 different formats, 

El Superfloor HTC está disponible en 4 diferentes formatos, both for surface finish and added exposure. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, is the polished deep and the step numbers that differentiated each finish.

In addition to the four concepts, it can be has a custom finish that matches with your specific preferences of added and gloss.


HTC Superfloor Bronze.

Finely polished top coat with resins, it is the simplest. The added material for concrete does not exist, so it produces a smooth, matte surface with somewhat less resistance to wear. Ideal in applications that will have minimal wear, that is in good condition and well leveled. It is recommended in areas with foot traffic.


HTC Superfloor Silver.

In this system the roughing of the surface intervenes. It is a less shiny variant than the Platinum system, because the polishing depth is the same, but the polishing steps are less. Resins are used to polish the surface and a medium or matt shine is obtained. It is recommended in areas with pedestrian, light and medium traffic.


HTC Superfloor Gold.

This system is recommended on level surfaces as it does not include the metal roughing stage. The floor is worked not as deep as the Platinum system is worked, but polishing the floor achieves a smooth and shiny mirror-like finish, with little added material for concrete exposure. It has good resistance to heavy traffic and tire marks.


HTC Superfloor Platinum.

It is the most complete system for roughing, polishing and brightening the surface. The best and most detailed alternative, which with the repeatedly roughing and polishing the floor gets a smoothness and uniformity with more added material for concrete exposure, and unmatched durability and wear resistance. Various metal tools are involved for deep roughing and coarse added material for concrete exposure. Resins are used to obtain a smooth, mirror-like shine. Very resistant to marks. Recommended for all types of applications.